BoYang Acupuncture & BioEnergetic Medicine

It's lucky to meet you here! First I like to share what I thought about health and medicine, hopefully we are in the same page!

Understand God code with EAV, then make your the best choice!

Just wonder why some people get white hair very early, the others get very few until very old age. Definitely there is lot of reason, such as stress, nutrition... but my point is if a baby was born, when his/her hair turn gray already decided? I believe so! It's in baby's genetic code---God wrote software. The other diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems is the same.

It's important for us to know what's our weak gene, try to avoid it! at least, get early detect it! By the German research-- body bio-electric change is 3 to 6 month earlier than biochemical change, the EAV is one of the best choice.

Alternative medicine, Vitamin, prescription and surgery!

When I was internship in socialist China(no compensate), the director doctor told us the treatment principal: "when you can use herb or vitamin, don't use prescription: injection works, don't use IV, the last choice is surgery". This is red cress thinking; if you want to make money, just reverse it!

Actually, in the real world it's very different to find the fine line, even you had medical training, each choice had pros and cons. All we can do is clearly know where we are, as 'God medicine'(immune system) for principle, but sometimes we have to cut toe to save leg!