Reinhold Voll

Who is Dr. Voll? (from a book by Reinhold Voll, M.D., 1976)

Born in Berlin on 17 February 1909 as the son of an architect, Dr. Voll soon developed an interest in technology and as a radio amateur during his high school years laid the foundation for his later research in Electro-Acupuncture. After graduating from high school he followed in his father’s footsteps and took up studies in architecture at the Technical University of Stuttgart only to find out that medicine was his real vocation. His interest during medical studies at the Universities of Tuebingen and Hamburg soon focused on anatomy and it is only with a sound basis in human anatomy that modern acupuncture can be practiced effectively.

During his medical career Dr. Voll engaged in preventive medicine both in industry and child welfare and settled down as a medical practitioner in Southern Germany in 1943. As early as 1953 he began practicing Electro-Acupuncture and since 1959 has exclusively devoted his entire medical activity to this newly developed science.

In 1956 he founded and intensively promoted the Association for Electro-Acupuncture, which was changed into an international organization in 1961 with Dr. Voll as the president until 1972, when he became honorary president.

The Association, with members in more than 17 countries, offers training courses for medical doctors and dentists and has held more than 120 such courses in Electro-Acupuncture diagnostics and therapy, in addition to workshops, and scientific sessions mainly in Germany.